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One more workaholic colleague has died. His name was Adevenir. 54 years old, haemorrhagic stroke. He lived to work for goals and corporate responsibilities. We worked hard in favour of numbers. It seems we all are numbers in Excel spreadsheet. We were always perspiring stress. He was a great person. He was married and perhaps could not say no to his employer. Maybe he did not like to imagine himself in another way, slowing down. Maybe everyone else’s opinions at work were relevant. This is too bad. It seems that taking care of ourselves in this crazy shallow world of images and consumption is worse than dying. I truly am sorry for him because I liked him.

We are living in a very strange time. We have needed much courage for our own good in a society that teaches cowardice and desperation for acceptance. I am grateful to Adevenir for his collaboration in my life. Together we gave blood, sweat and health to our employer – BB Tecnologia e Serviços (in Portuguese). Adevenir gave more. He gave his life.

That makes me nostalgic.